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How do I share a USB drive on my network?

I'm looking for some sort of article for a non-Android person on how to share a USB Hard Drive on this Android device with other Windows PCs on my home network.

What sort of program would I need to do this?

...can I do this?

I wasn't able to get WebDav to see the USB volume. There just did not seem to be any way to see it and select it to enable a share.

I wound up going with a network storage device:

It is more than I cared to spend, but it is working very good.

Now, I am finding that the Kodi player does not know how to handle MKV files.

My Windows PC does not have the codecs for MKV files, yet it can play them fine in Kodi. Why doesn't the NextD device play MKV files through Kodi? Does the Kodi Android app not include the codecs for MKV files?

The destination path for the USB drive is typically /mnt/usbhost/Storage01/

KODI for Windows and KODI for Android are different software running on different hardware and operating systems. Therefore, they are expected to have different capabilities. Similarly Chrome browser for Windows and Chrome browser for Android have many differences as well.

To play MKV files on NextD, we recommend the VLC Player app or the MX Player app.



We saw that you left a review saying you couldn't share your USB volume on NextD. Were you able to navigate to the destination folder of the external USB driver? It is typically /mnt/usbhost/Storage01/

You may want to install the ES File Explorer app on NextD from Google Play Store so that you can see all the folders.

Also you mentioned that multiple users have to share a phone for NextD Remote. In fact, that is not the case and multiple smartphones (with NextD Remote app installed) can connect and control the NextD Player at the same time.

Would you give it a try and let us know if these two things work for you?

NextD Support Team


I can see all of the files on the USB volume in ES File Explorer. I can even get to them in Kodi.

But I rip movies from my PC, and I need to get them to the Android device so it can play them.

Nothing I tried seemed to enable me to make the USB drive visible on the Android device.

I installed a NAS326 device, put all of my media on it, and access it over the network.

It is most likely that the HOME DIRECTORY on the WedDAV app was not set properly to point to the USB drive. It should be something like /mnt/usbhost/Storage01/


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