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Top Three Support Apps

Having switches form using a game console to using NextD, I'm finding so far I'm really liking NextD, but my top two requests for support are:

1.) Google Play Music - I have my entire music achieve on Play, and right now music won't play. It just continuously toggles through the titles without playing them.

2.) Vudu & Flixster - I have digital movies archieved through these linked services. The FAQ says these services aren't supported, and I really miss not having them on my media center. 

Thanks, and hopefully I'll see support in these areas soon!


We were able to reproduce the Google Play Music issue you described. It seems to be caused by Google Play Music app not connecting to the music streams. Our engineers are analyzing the issue to see if we can find a solution.

Vudu & Flixster limitation is mostly due to UV digital rights management. It is a limitation imposed by the apps themselves and may take some time for them to expand the list of supported devices.

I have a work around for this issue. It doesn't give full functionality to google play music, but it does allow you to play the music in your own library. You use a Kodi Add-On. Open Kodi. Follow the instructions in this link: Add Google Play Music to Kodi. That should allow you to use Google Play Music, though you cannot search for an add new music, I don't believe.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for looking into Google Play, until then I'll look into David's solution. I've tried a few other Google Play add-ons with Kodi, but with no luck. Hopefully UV DRM will expands their focus, soon. 

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