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Our whole family uses NextD!

My family and I have so many uses for NextD, I don’t even know where to begin! In fact, I got a second one for my kids after seeing all the goodies this little device can provide. Even our dog loves it for the music I can stream on there ;) I installed PBS Kids and YouTube Kids for my 6 and 7 year old kids and it’s so easy to use, they navigate to the channels and programs they want on their own. When they are done with their homework, I let them play Angry Birds for 20 mins on it. NextD definitely makes the experience better on TV. They no longer have to fight for the “screen”. 

I personally like to use it for Netflix, NBA and browsing the Internet. This last one is awesome because I can have access to anything on TV even without apps. I could not find a browser on any other smart TV players. As for my wife, she said it’s fun to shop on a big screen. She uses Nordstrom and Amazon apps. We are still soaking in all the content we can get and have already recommended it to our extended family and friends.

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