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One broken laptop screen later...

A broken laptop screen was the last straw. Normally I watch movies or shows on my TV by mirroring my MacBook Pro on the TV with an HDMI cord. 

I got my TV a few years ago and it isn't a Smart TV, so I usually do this for Netflix, Pandora, etc. The kind of apps an old TV doesn't support.

Usually it means I need to lug the computer downstairs and set it up with the cord. What happened the last time I did this? Of course the computer fell, and the screen got cracked. 

That's what made me decide on the NextD. I wanted to use all of these apps on my older generation TV without the hassle of lugging my laptop up and down my stairs, and connecting it to the TV. Now I can use these apps and more, and the only thing I risk breaking is my indestructible phone screen.

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