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Unit Unresponsive After 3-4 Power Cycles

Every 3-4 times I power off and power back on the unit, the unit becomes unresponsive. Sometimes the display is frozen on a single image, and sometimes I don't get any picture at all. One time, I could hear the sound of a stream I had running prior to turning the system off playing in the background, but the image on the screen was frozen. The power light on the unit will go on and off if I try to use the remote to power on/off the unit, but whatever image is on the screen remains.

The only way I've been able to recover from this scenario is by doing a hard reboot (unplugging the power and plugging it back in). 

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The power on/off you described is actually only "display on/off". It is likely an app is left running/streaming when you turned the display on/off and consumed all the system resources when you turned the display back on. To truly power off the NextD Player, you need to long press the on/off button. The following support article has more information on this:

As long as you truly power off the NextD Player or stop the streaming from running, this situation should not happen. Some media streaming apps are known to stream in the background even if the user press the HOME button to return to the NextD desktop screen.

Hope this helps,
NextD Support Team


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