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System update

When I downloaded the latest system software version 20160803. I couldn't Update it, the system couldn't read it. So how can I update it? Is there any procedure? Thanks

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Jan, The OTA update was for VPN support. If you don't use VPN apps then it is OK not to apply the OTA update. It is likely that the OTA data file was corrupted during download. If you still want to apply the OTA update, you can try doing a factory reset then apply the system update again. If that fails too, we can send you a replacement unit with update already applied. NextD Support Team
Yes still can't update it. It says can't read the file format.. I tried many times… so I hope there is another way… Thanks
Jan, sorry we missed your question. Do you still have the system update issue? If so, please try rebooting the box then manually performing system update again. If you still experience any issue, please feel free to email our support team at


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