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Stitcher no longer working

Three months ago I was able to use Stitcher to stream podcasts on my NextD box, but now it now longer works. I get a message saying that I need to connect to the Internet, even though I have a hardline connection to the NextD box. 

 Jason, what you described sounds like a issue caused by the Stitcher app itself. Have you tried reinstall the app to see if it works? Also try clearing the cache and data for the Stitcher app to see if that helps.

The cache data was cleared and that didn't resolve the issue. The app was then uninstalled and re-installed. What happens now is I get a huge feedback sound through my speakers then a message saying 'buffering error'. This appears to be the same type of issue that continues with Google play, it won't buffer the stream. I've never had any issues with either one of these apps on other Android I'm not sure why the NextD is so problematic with these audio only streaming apps. 


We just tested the Stitcher app again and didn't see any problem with the radio streaming playback. We shot a short video to show the app playing on NextD.

Do you want to try a factory reset to see if the Stitcher app issue goes away?

NextD Support Team


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