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Keyboard issues with App / Unresponsive letters

When using the keyboard through the remote app, sometimes certain letters are unresponsive, meaning I have to toggle to the onscreen keyboard on the TV to type in letters. These letters will not broadcast to the TV no matter what. 

An example, in once instance the letter 'R' wouldn't broadcast.  I could sit there and hit 'R' numerous times on the virtual remote on my phone and it would never show on the screen, but if I typed 'T', the letter would immediately broadcast to the search field on the screen. This has happened in numerous apps, so it doesn't appear to be isolated to a specific app. 

Jason, this issue is due to the "mouse mode" conflict with the keyboard. Simply exit the "mouse mode" by pressing the pointer button on the IR remote will solve the problem.


This does seem to work, but are you planning on fixing this? That certainly isn't an intuitive solution for an end user, and I'm guessing other people are struggling with the same problem without knowing how to fix it. 

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