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Can NextD Cast MacBook or Imac screen to TV?


I'm interested in NextD but I just want to make sure if I can cast the screen of my Macbook notebook and my iMac to the TV.

I would also like to play .AVI or MP4 files with subtitles in .SRT format, could that be done somehow?


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Thank you for your interest. There are a few AirPlay Mirroring Receiver apps in Google Play Store on NextD, however, none of them seem to work as expected since Apple doesn't open up the AirPlay Mirroring protocol for 3rd parties. An alternative is to use MirrorOp. You can install the MirrorOp Receiver on NextD box and install the MirrorOp Sender on your Mac to send the screen from your Mac to TV screen that is connected to NextD. 

As for .AVI, .MP4 files with subtitles in .SRT format, we believe that the VLC for Android app can handle all these formats easily.

Hope this helps!

NextD Support Team

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