1. Make sure that your NextD Player and your smartphone running the NextD Remote app are on the same local area network.

2. Launch the NextD Remote app on your smartphone and it should automatically search and connect to the NextD Players on the same network.

3. If you are on a work or public WiFi network, the NextD Remote may not be able to find the NextD Player automatically. In this case, a window will pop up on your smartphone prompting you to enter the IP address of the NextD Player.


If your NextD Remote fails to find and connect the NextD Player on the same network, you may want to consider the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure that your NextD Player is connected to the Internet by doing a speed test. (For NextD N2, click on the FAST icon at the bottom of the home screen, for NextD N1 click on the Speed Test icon on the lower left corner of the home screen). 5 Mbps or above is required to stream HD videos smoothly.

2. Certain users have networks that require web login. In this case, please refer to the following article on how to login to the network through a browser on NextD Player: http://support.nextdtv.com/solution/articles/6000134053

3. Please make sure that neither NextD Player nor the NextD Remote app are connected to the Internet via VPN. VPN makes the NextD Player and NextD Remote app not visible to each other unless a "split tunnel" VPN is properly configured.

4. Try reboot your WiFi router if you still have the connection problem.

5. On rare occasions, your WiFi router may have the "AP Isolation" option enabled. If that is the case, simply disable this option so that the peer devices can see each other on the same local network. Most consumer routers don't have this option.

6. If all fails, please send us an email via support@nextdtv.com and we will get back to you promptly.