NextD TV is an open platform that allows majority of the Android apps to run without any modification. However, since some apps are designed with only the smartphone's portrait screen in mind, they may not display properly on the TV screen. Following are a few possibilities when this happens:

1. The graphics on TV screen appear to be stretched horizontally.

2. The top and bottom portion of the graphics seem to be cut off.

3. The graphics are rotated by 90 degrees.

A few apps that are known to have this limitation are: Tik Tok, Subway Surfer, Mobile Strike, Talking Tom Cat, Clash Royale, and Glow Hockey.

Solution: For many portrait-only apps, the "TV Display Adjust" function inside the NextD Remote app will solve the problem by adjusting the display area on TV to match the portrait orientation required for these vertical apps. The "TV Display Adjust" function can be found in the drop down menu of NextD Remote app. Clicking on this function toggles the TV display area between landscape mode and portrait mode.