While KODI, Netflix, Amazon Video and majority of the video apps are able to stream in 1080p full HD resolution on NextD Player, a few apps are known to stream below HD. Most often, this is not due to the performance limitations of NextD Player, but rather, the device restrictions imposed by the video apps themselves.

A few apps with known streaming resolution issues are:

1. Hulu (Streaming in SD. NextD is in discussion with Hulu to enable HD video streaming for NextD Player.)

2. WatchABC (Streaming in SD)

3. VUDU (Streaming in SD over WiFi, doesn't connect over Ethernet)

4. Flixster Video (UltraViolet video library doesn't play)

At this point, we recommend the use of alternative apps such as Netflix, and Amazon Video to access the same movie and TV shows you are looking for.