For NextD N2, simply install the latest official KODI app from the Google Play Store on NextD Player.

For NextD N1, only KODI v16.1 is supported. Please follow the steps below for installation:

1. Display this page on NextD Player by visiting

2. Click on this link to download the KODI v16.1 installation APK file:

3. Return to the home screen of NextD Player, click on the green DOWNLOAD icon, then click on the APK file you just downloaded to launch the installation of KODI v16.1 app.

4. Create a shortcut for the KODI app on the NextD home screen by clicking on the All Apps icon at the bottom, find the KODI app, then drag the KODI icon to the home screen to create a shortcut for easy access.

*The KODI v17.1 app recently published in Google Play is imcompatible with NextD and it reportedly breaks many 3rd party builds and add-ons. NextD runs on Android 4.4 and currently has no plans to migrate to Android 5.0 or above. Your installed KODI v16.1 app will not be automatically updated to v17.1, causing unexpected problems.

*NextD is not associated with any 3rd party apps or add-ons and cannot guarantee the performance, information security, and legality of them. Users are encouraged to exercise caution when installing add-ons that are not in the official KODI repository.

1. If your KODI video streaming is not smooth, please keep in mind that many KODI add-ons do not point to reliable video sources. You can check out the following video streaming troubleshooting article to see if anything else may have cause the video streaming issue other than switching to an alternative video source.
2. If you have installed 3rd party KODI Builds, please keep in mind that none of these build are endorsed by the official KODI Foundation. Many are known to be buggy and could cause issues with other parts of the system. To remove a KODI build, please clear the cache and data file of the KODI app.
3. If a KODI Build caused the system software to be unstable, you may want to consider a factory reset to restore the NextD Player to the pristine condition.