The majority of HDTVs should come with HDMI input ports. However, there are some older "HD Ready" TVs that are capable of displaying videos in HD but through the analog "Component Video" cables. If your HDTV has those component video ports, you will be able to connect the NextD Player to your HDTV by using an "HDMI to Component Video converter".

If your TV doesn't have the HDMI ports and the Component Video ports, it will not be able to display videos in HD. We do not recommend using NextD with a non-HD TV since it severely degrades the video display quality and the overall experience. However, if you have the NextD N1 player and still want to do so, you can try to connect via the "Composite Video" ports on NextD Player. Before doing so, you will need to first connect NextD to an HD display through HDMI then adjust the Display Settings on the NextD Player so that it outputs display through NTSC.