The icon sizes on the NextD desktop screen are determined by the launcher app. If the users prefer larger app icons than what the existing launcher offers, the user can easily download an alternative launcher that offers larger icons.

The 3rd launcher app we recommend for this purpose is "Simple TV Launcher" by Alexandre De Bigio. It is a lightweight and free app that you can easily download from the Google Play store on NextD Player. Once you launch this launcher app, it will present a very clean interface with default 3x2 grid and very large icons that you can customize.

When you press the HOME button on NextD Remote, a window will pop up asking you which launcher to use. You can pick either the NextD launcher or the new one then click on the "Always" button so that this dialog window doesn't come up every time you press the HOME button. To switch the default launcher, simply go into the Settings icon on the NextD desktop screen then click on Device->Home to set a new default launcher.