Turn your NextD Player  into a personal home cloud storage system by installing the WebDAV Server app and plug in a external USB drive. Instantly, you can transfer large home video files and music to the network drive and enjoy them on the big screen/speakers. Set the HOME DIRECTORY of the WebDAV server to the USB drive so that it is visible from other computers on the same local network. The destination path for the USB drive is typically /mnt/usbhost/Storage01/

Following are the detailed steps to setup the WebDAV server on NextD:

1. Connect the external USB drive to one of the USB ports on NextD. A notification icon should show up when successful.

2. Install the WebDAV Server app from Google Play Store on NextD

3. Open the WebDAV Server app then click on Settings on the upper right corner. The following window should show up:

4. Click on "Home Directory" then select "Custom Folder", then click OK

5. Click on "Custom Folder" then navigate to the folder you want to share on your USB drive. The typical destination path for the USB drive is /mnt/usbhost/Storage01/

6. Return to the main screen of the WebDAV Server app, then click on the Start button. Following is how the screen looks like:

Following are the steps to connect your computer to the WebDAV Server:

7. Open the Windows Explorer on PC or the Finder on Mac, the follow these guides to "Map A Network Drive"

   7.1 For Mac http://www.usciences.edu/it/helpdesk/forstudents/MacDriveMapping.shtml

   7.2 For PC http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/map-network-drive-windows-10

   7.3 Be sure to use the "http://192.168.x.x:8080" network destination displayed on the WebDAV main screen. Some computers may have trouble connecting unless you add a "/" to the end of the URL so it looks like "http://192.168.x.x:8080/".

8. Once the WebDAV Server is mapped as a network drive on your computer, you can treat it as a regular folder and transfer pictures, music, video, and data files over the local network between your computer and the USB drive attached to NextD.

9. To view the files on the USB drive on NextD, simply use a File Manager app to navigate to the USB storage folder.