NextD Player streams videos from the Internet. HD videos typically require 5 Mbps Internet bandwidth to have smooth playback. If your video streaming is choppy or slow, we recommend that the users checks the Internet speed on NextD Player first by clicking on the Speed Test icon on the NextD home screen. NextD is equipped with 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi and a Ethernet port. Both connections support up to 100 Mbps in speed.

If your speed test results are greater than 5 Mbps, the video playback issue could be cause by the following situations:
     1.1) Poor quality video sources or congestion at the server of the video content provider. To verify if this is the cause, simply run a 1080p HD test video from YouTube to see if it works well. If the test video works well, please contact your video content provider for solutions.
     1.2) If your KODI videos are not streaming smoothly, please keep in mind that many KODI add-ons do not point to legal/reliable video sources. You can try the following steps to see if they help:
           1.2.1) Try different video sources for the same content.
           1.2.2) Clear the cache and data of the KODI app then configure the KODI add-ons again.
     1.3) Large downloads or large apps remaining active in the background could cause disruption to the video playback.
            Solution: Restart the NextD Player to clear up all background apps or press the RECENT button on NextD then clear up all the apps in the background.

If your speed test results are less than 5 Mbps, try the following solutions to improve your Internet speed if you are certain that your subscription plan offers higher bandwidth.
     2.1) If your NextD is connected to the Internet via WiFi, the most likely cause is that the WiFi environment has become congested.

            Solution: Simply reboot (power off then power on) your Wi-Fi router will force it to seek a clean channel to operate on and avoid the interference from your neighbors.

    2.2) Your Wi-Fi signal strength at the NextD Player could be too weak.

    Solution: If you measure >5Mbps Internet speeds in other locations but measure lower speed at NextD Player's location, you may want to consider investing in a Wi-Fi extender to boost up the Wi-Fi signal strength around NextD. We have tested several Wi-Fi extenders and recommend the Netgear EX2700.

    2.3) If your NextD is connected to the Internet via Ethernet, it is possible that the networking router doesn't function properly.

           Solution: Restart the networking router to re-establish good Internet connection with your Internet service provider.