For NextD N2:

All apps installed on NextD N2 can be found within the All Apps tile.

For NextD N1:

The Google Play store automatically creates a shortcut on the NextD desktop screen after an app is installed. However, the Amazon App Store and 1 Mobile Market do not. All Android apps installed on the NextD Player can be found by clicking on the All Apps icon Android All Apps icon (6 dots in a circle) in the middle of the bottom row on NextD desktop screen.

To create a shortcut on the NextD desktop screen for an app, simply long press on the app icon then drag it to the NextD desktop.

To remove a shortcut, long press on the shortcut then drag it to the "Remove Shortcut" area that shows up on the upper part of the screen. Removing an app shortcut from the NextD desktop screen does not uninstall the app itself.

Occasionally, the Google Play Store may fail to create the app icons for the apps you just installed. This can happen if the Google Play Store app updates itself for the first time. If you encounter this situation, simply reboot the NextD Player and the app icons should appear on the NextD desktop properly.