The DIRECTV app requires the latest version to work. It shows as incompatible with NextD in Google Play and the version in 1 Mobile Market could be out of date.

However, the users can directly download the latest DIRECTV app installation file (APK file) from the online APK depository and install it:

1) Visit (or visit then search DIRECTV) on a browser on NextD Player

2) Click on the latest DIRECTV app ( DIRECTV 4.5.011 by DIRECTV, LLC June 6, 2016 at the time of this article)

3) Click on the blue DOWNLOAD APK button on the app details page then select Complete Action using Browser when prompted on NextD

4) Return to the NextD desktop screen and click on the green DOWNLOAD icon on the left part of the screen then click on the APK file you just downloaded to launch the installation of the DIRECTV app.