The Dish Anywhere app can be directly installed from the Google Play Store. If you encounter any error message from the Dish Anywhere app after the initial launch regarding your Internet connection, simply reboot the NextD Player then run the Dish Anywhere app again.

Hopper Go is a portable hard drive from Dish Network that allows the users to save the DVR content and enjoy it while on the go. Hopper Go creates its own ad hoc Wi-Fi network for streaming video to the Dish Anywhere app. To access these content from NextD Player, the users need to launch the Dish Anywhere app on NextD Player first, wait for 30 seconds, then switch Wi-Fi connections to the Hopper Go Wi-Fi hotspot without shutting down the Dish Anywhere app in the background.

Ryan Fisher, one of the NextD users, tested the Dish Anywhere app and how it works with Hopper Go then shared his finding in a recent product review article: